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Recent U.S.

Recent U.S. Information

Our operations business partner, Venture Access, located in Silicon Valley at the heart of the latest technological information, offers a database on venture enterprises.

Venture Access

Venture Access gathers technical information on high-tech venture businesses from around the world, and has created an easily accessible database.
Other than venture businesses, the database also includes information on U.S. universities' and research institutions' research development projects.
In addition, they are also running special feature articles on notable technologies. Utilizing Venture Access habitually makes it possible to get your hands on the latest technologies from around the world. Venture Access seeks to expand into new fields of business, and supports Japanese businesses looking to increase their competitiveness in the market.

Latest Information from Silicon Valley(free of charge)

CEO Shigeya Ando writes a column accounting his daily contact with U.S. high-tech venture companies in essays such as 'Transformation of Japan' and 'Discussion on American Culture', among others.

Tides of Technology(paid member information)

Reports and analyses by a highly experienced staff on trends in venture capitalism in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Business Database(paid member information)

Database service that introduced the latest information on technology and venture businesses in the U.S. in Japanese.

To access paid member information, please register as a member. Please go to JTW Member Registration to 'Questions and Comments' and type in 'Receive paid information'. From there, we will contact you with further details to complete registration.