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About the jtW Business Model



JTW Business Members Terms of Use
【Important】 Before you have registered as a member, please read carefully the terms of service as outlined below.
The terms of your (company's) rights and liabilities on the use of this service is stated here. By clicking 'Agree and Register as a Member', you are fully agreeing to all that is stated in these terms.
Article 1 (About Membership Purposes)
As a 'member', you are assenting to the effects of ventures based on our overseas market development model, all materials and events uploaded by onto the JTW Expo website, and, by agreeing with the procedures set up by this company, your company may register for JTW membership.
The object of JTW ventures is to expand 'member' sales and solutions abroad. These ventures are carried out independently by
Once expansion of sales abroad has been executed, and there is record of a rise in sales, unless otherwise stipulated conditions are present, commission charges must be paid to The details of any conditions will be decided in detail once JTW business membership has been obtained.
1. From here 'member information' is all information concerning member products and services disclosed to this company by the member.
2. Members applying or having applied, both during and after registration, are expected to honor these terms and conditions.
Article 2 (Registration)
1. Upon agreement of these terms and conditions, predefined registered members, having completed predefined member registration procedures, have full eligibility as members. Any individuals or companies whose membership has been revoked in the past, or any individuals or companies whose actions have been deemed inappropriate by this company, holds the right to refuse membership.
2. When completing membership registration, please verify the necessary information filled in on the previously define form before applying.
3. (1) Passwords are to be used by members only, and cannot be disclosed or leased to a third party. (2)Members are responsible for periodically changing their passwords to prevent others from learning their passwords.
Article 3 (Modifications)
1. In the case that a member has any modifications to their name, address, or any other information registered with this company, the member is responsible for promptly contacting to make changes.
Article 4 (Cancellation of Membership)
In the event that a member wishes to withdraw their membership, that member must take the membership cancellation procedures. Once the membership cancellation procedures have been completed, membership is cancelled.
Article 5 (Forfeiture of Membership Eligibility and Reimbursement for Damages)
1. When a member has stated any false information on their membership registration, or, when there are grounds of impropriety, reserves the right to revoke membership rights.
2. When any actions taken by members on the effects below, is herewith not responsible for the reimbursement of any damages incurred。
・Any infringement of intellectual property rights of products and services goes against these terms of use.
Article 6 (Handling of Member Information)
1., as a general rule does not disclose member information without prior permission. However, in the following cases, this company may disclose member information and other customer information without prior member permission.
(1)In the case disclosure is requested by law (2) In the case determines there is a need in order to protect the company's rights, profits, or honor.
2. will manage member information in accordance with the company's 'Policies on Personal Information Protection'. This company holds the right to use member information to improve services offered to members, improve service details, promote use of services, as well as the ensure soundness and smooth delivery of services.
Article 7 (Exemption of Liability)
1. is not accountable for any damages or losses that occur, including system time-out, tie-up, or abortion, any loss of data, or inability to access data due to communication line or computer issues, or any other losses related to this company's services that are incurred by the member.
Article 8 (Revision of Terms) reserves the discretion to revise these terms, and, decide on any additions to these terms (hereafter referred to as 'supplementary terms'). Revisions and supplements to these terms take effect the moment they are posted on this company's website. In this case, members are expected to comply with the revised and supplementary terms.
Article 9 (Applicable Laws, Court of Jurisdiction)
Any disputes that occur in relation to these terms and conditions will be decided in the first instance in the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court in the district court within the jurisdiction of the address of the head office.

This is a translation and any legal interpretation of the terms and articles written above will be based on the original Japanese Terms of Use.

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