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the jtW Business Model

About the jtW Business Model

Support on your business's way to the world from a richly experienced team

At Igreque, we provide assistance and a wealth of knowledge in the process of forming relations abroad, from concrete negotiations to signing contracts. For that, as a foundational platform, we include an easy to understand video for business matching with companies abroad as part of our services.

Conventional B2B matching websites are not enough. We provide a video as part of your sales kit that connects your individualized and objective business consultations to potential foreign partners. "This video can be viewed on an iPhone, or any other smartphone or tablet," so there is no "location" you need to choose for your viewers. Also, you will receive support creating a sales kit in English, as well as advice on the business expansion process from a staff highly experienced in global business relations and negotiations.

Expected Results (Output)
  • Business matching through channels with a variety of foreign enterprises
  • Sales kit preparation and advice from a highly experienced global team
  • Improve your contract completion rate with support on international communication during objective business negotiations
  • Receive advice on global development from our global staff with extensive and diverse experience in international management
  • analysis of sales products
  • business solutions analysis
  • matching verification
  • anticipated sales configuration
  • creation of English language sales kit
  • upload profile on matching website
  • coordinate business matching
  • improve/update sales kit
  • support negotiations with foreign
  • advise on negotiation process
  • on-site negotiation proxy
Business Model Image
  • An easy-to-understand video in English explaining your products to your foreign partners
  • Concrete advice provided by a highly experienced staff
  • Necessary business matching support provided by
  • Consideration of efficiency and cost reduction by using the internet as a negotiation platform
  • Support from a staff highly experienced in business talks and negotiations
  • A proxy can be sent for on-site negotiations
  • Consultation on laws surrounding contracts and negotiations