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Recent ASEAN/India

Recent ASEAN/India Information

DCS representative, President/CEO Mr. Kurita, introduces a series in the Production Management Forum @ IT MONOist. In these articles, he shares information and know-how based on business experience gained from over 20 years living abroad and working with over 500 manufacturing companies around the globe. Please take the time to read through this series. (Japanese Only)

"What You Should Know: ASEAN Conditions" (currently running)

  • (1) "ASEAN gaining attention as a base for manufacturing"
  • (2) "ASEAN car manufacturing power 'country of smiles' Thailand: country risk"
  • (3) "Southeast Asia's middle class nation, Malaysia: review as a base of manufacturing"
  • (4) "Is the growth of Southeast Asian powerhouse Indonesia's domestic market true?"
  • (5) "Emergency contributions and flooding damage in Bangkok, Thailand: Present and Future"
  • (6) "Philippines, labor force and export powerhouse: taking advantage of an abundant skilled workforce"
  • (7) "Singapore: Malaysians commuting across borders"
  • (8) "Urgent contributions and flooding over: how Thai businesses plan to overcome this year's rainy season"
  • (9) "Vietnam's potential as a base for manufacturing"
  • (10) "Pro-Japanese Myanmar makes advances in the textile industry: what about domestic consumption?"
  • (11) "Is Vietnam an option in the China Plus One strategy?"
  • (12) "China Plus One strategy: signs of change in Thailand"
  • (13) "China Plus One strategy: chances and risks in Indonesia and Malaysia"
  • (14) "Not just China Plus One! Have you heard of the Thailand Plus One strategy?"
  • (15) "Thailand Plus One strategy: hidden possibilities and risks in Cambodia's 'leftover paradise'"

"What You Should Know: Conditions in India"

  • "Bringing India and Japan together: India IT Forum Special Edition" Date: October 9th